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My Account Online Tools

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Your Atlantic City Electric online account includes more than just your recent electric bill. It contains tools and detailed energy usage information. By tracking your energy use, comparing usage trends, and discovering the results of energy-saving practices, you can manage your energy more efficiently.​


Savings Tools at Your Fingertips

Analyze Your Usage
Access your energy usage information. Understand how much energy you’re using and when.

Compare Your Home
Compar​​e your home’s energy usage to other similarly sized homes in your area. Set a goal to use less than your neighbors.

Get Personalized Tips
Answer a few simple questions about your home to learn what uses the most energy and get customized energ​y-sa​ving tips.

Get Started Now!

Sign in to your Atlantic City Electric online account. Check out these great tools and set your notifications and alerts.

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