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Smart Energy Network

Smart Energy Network

In August 2020, we proposed building a Smart Energy Network across our entire service area, including installing smart meters and upgrading the local energy grid with specialized networking equipment.

The Smart Energy Network will enhance the reliability and resiliency of our energy service, including faster restoration efforts following increasingly common severe weather events. The Smart Energy Network will also improve customer service and support new tools and programs to help customers save money and energy. 

Routine Meter Installations

As part of our ongoing work to maintain safe and reliable energy service, we are now installing smart meters as part of our routine meter installations for customers across our service area. The enhanced functionality of the new meter will only be enabled when the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities approves our Smart Energy Network initiative. Customers will receive more information about the new features available and timing for activation of the enhanced functionality before these new features are activated. Customers can learn more by viewing our FAQ.

Building the Smart Energy Network

To build the Smart Energy Network, we would replace all the existing analog meters in our service area with smart meters that can securely communicate with our central operations facility, providing real-time information about energy service. We would also upgrade the local energy grid with more specialized networking equipment to create a smart energy infrastructure that can automatically respond and alert us to potential issues.

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Advancing a Clean Energy Future

The Smart Energy Network is a critical step in advancing a clean energy future for South Jersey. As customers' energy needs evolve, it helps upgrade the grid into a common platform connecting customers to new energy services and more choices. For example, smart meters will enable more efficient integration of new energy technologies and services for customers, including electric vehicles, more solar energy, and battery storage.

By building the Smart Energy Network and providing real-time data about the energy grid, we can enhance reliability resiliency of energy service, maintain affordable service for customers, and improve the overall customer experience, while also supporting New Jersey's environmental goals and helping power the state's economic recovery by creating jobs. The proposal must now be approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. If approved, initial work to begin building the Smart Energy Network is expected to start in 2022.

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