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Current Reliability Projects

At Atlantic City Electric, we care about the communities we serve, and we take seriously our commitment to deliver clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy for all customers. Every day, work is being performed as part of our strategic effort to modernize and strengthen the local energy grid and better serve our customers. This effort includes dozens of targeted projects to install stronger utility poles and new, state-of-the-art equipment in communities across South Jersey. These upgrades continue to improve reliability for our customers by reducing the frequency and duration of outages.  

Much of the work we do is focused on hardening our local infrastructure against more damaging winds and extreme flooding. Across our service area, we are continuing to see the impacts of more frequent and more severe weather driven by climate change. We are continually analyzing the local energy grid to identify critical infrastructure projects to help communities across South Jersey become more resilient to the impacts of storms and hurricanes.

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Reliability Projects

View a map of our ongoing reliability projects across southern New Jersey.

​Infrastructure 101

Learn more about how the local energy grid works.

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