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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find information for installing electrical wiring or equipment connecting to your lines?​​

We have issued an Electric Service Handbook as a general guide for our customers, contractors, architects, and engineers who are looking for requirements information. Please note that these do not replace State, County or Municipal codes and regulations.

How do I contact my local engineering office?

​Our customers must contact us while in the planning phase of their project. Our numbers are listed below.

Cape May​​​ District

Atlantic City Electric
420 N Route 9
Cape May Court House, NJ
Phone: (609) 463-3823
Fax: (609) 463-3832

Glassboro Di​strict

Atlantic City Electric
428 Ellis Street
Glassboro, NJ 08028
Fax: (856) 863-7979


Phone: (856) 863-7906


Phone: (856) 863-7926

​Pleasantville District

Atlantic City Electric
2542 Fire Road
Egg Harbor Twp, NJ
Fax: (609) 645-4788

​​Pleasantville/Atlantic City

Phone: (609) 645-4667

W​est Creek/Long Beach Island

Phone: (609) 294-6727

​​Winslow District

Atlantic City Electric
Williamstown Junction
295 N. Grove Street
Berlin, NJ 08009
Phone: (856) 753-2808
Fax: (856) 753-2828​

​Do I need to contact you if I want to install emergency standby generation equipment?

​We must always be consulted before installing any electric generating equipment.

​What happens if the existing installation is unsafe?

I​f the existing service installation is unsafe by our standards, you will be required to fix the situation within the time period we provide you. If the unsafe situation is not resolved, you may be disconnected.

​Which meter sockets and cabinets can I use?

​You can review our approved residential meter sockets​ list to know which standard enclosures we allow. Please recall we will not connect to any nonstandard equipment. 

​I am working on drafting or designing my project, where can I get further information?

​For an in-depth look at the requirements and standards, please see the Electric Service Handbook​ for commercial and customer designs. 

​What format should my submitted electronic files be in?

​All submitted electronic files should be in a .DWG format. The drawings need to be saved back to AutoCAD 2007 or 2000 before submitting. The submitted electronic file should be Geo-referenced. Instead of basing the data on a 000 (X,Y,Z) origin point, the data should use real world coordinates, NAD 1983 HARN UTM ZONE 18N for Maryland and NAD 1983 HARN UTM ZONE 19 for the District of Columbia. You will also need to state what NAD system they are using, NAD 83 State Plane. 

​Which type of vaults can we use?

​Transformer vaults may contain only transformers and their auxiliary equipment. Our customers’ secondary fuses, circuit breakers and our meters cannot be installed in the transformer vault. The vault is not to be used for storage and access by unqualified personnel is prohibited.


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