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Public Postings

2018 ACE Base Rate Case (BPU Docket No. ER18080925, OAL Docket No. PUC 14569-2018S, Filed August 21, 2018)

Atlantic City Electric Company 2017 Annual System Performance Report

In re Basic Generation Service for the Period Beginning June 1, 2019 (BPU Docket No. ER18040356)

​​​Petition fo Atlantic City Electric Company for Approval of a Voluntary Program for Plug-In Vehicle Charging (BPU Docket No. EO18020190)

Petition for the Approval of an Infrastructure Program, and Related Cost Recovery Mechanism (BPU Docket No. EO18020196)

ACE Annual SBC/NGC Reconciliation/Update Petition (BPU Docket No. ER18020120)

In re Basic Generation Service for Energy Year Beginning June 1, 2018 (BPU Docket No. ER17040335) 

Atlantic City Electric Company 2016 Annual System Performance Report

Post-Exelon Merger Amendment to ACE's 2016 Compliance Plan

Exelon and PHI Transaction

Copies of the following regulatory filings made in connection with the transaction may be viewed on the Regulatory Filings section of Pepco Holdings' website:

  • June 18, 2014 - New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Joint Petition Filing
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