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Public Postings

BPU Investigation of Resource Adequacy Alternatives and Request for Comment – BPU Docket No. EO20030203 (March 27, 2020)

In re Petition of Atlantic City Electric Company for Approval of Electric Base Rate Adjustments to the PowerAhead® Program (5/2019) (BPU Docket No. ER19050550)

In re 2019/2020 Annual Compliance Filings for a Change in the Statewide Electric and Gas Permanent Universal Service Fund Program Factors Within the Electric and Gas Societal Benefits Charges Rates Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 48:2-21 and N.J.S.A. 48:2-21.1 (BPU Docket No.  ER19060736)

In re Application of Atlantic City Electric Company to Adjust the Level of Its “Rider RGGI” Rate Associated With Its Solar Renewable Energy Certificate Financing Program (2019) (SREC I Program) (BPU Docket No. ER19060697)

In re Verified Petition of Atlantic City Electric Company Concerning the Setting of the Administrative Fee and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Recovery Charge (“Rider RGGI”) for 2020 Associated with Its Solar Renewable Energy Certificate Program (SREC II) (BPU Docket No. ER19101429)

In re Basic Generation Service for the Period Beginning June 1, 2020 (BPU Docket No. ER19040428)

In re Relocation and Consolidation of Atlantic City Electric Company’s Transmission System Operations Control Function (BPU Docket No. EO19070834)

  • Transmission Control Function Consolidation Petition July 2019

In the matter of Atlantic City Electric Company's Verified Petition to Reconcile Costs Associated With Its Residential Controllable Smart Thermostat Program for the Period from June 1, 2018 Through May 31, 2019, to Maintain Its RGGI Recovery Period October 1, 2019 Through May 31, 2020, and to Establish a Plan for the Termination of the Program as of May 31, 2020 (BPU Docket No. ER19070816)

Atlantic City Electric Company Annual System Performance Reports

​​​Petition of Atlantic City Electric Company for Approval of a Voluntary Program for Plug-In Vehicle Charging (BPU Docket No. EO18020190)

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