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Eleven Local Projects Receive $75,000 in Funding for Open Space and Resiliency Through New Atlantic City Electric Program

MAYS LANDING, N.J. (September 30, 2020) – Atlantic City Electric, together with its program administrator Sustainable Jersey, have chosen 11 local municipalities to receive $75,000 in funds to support open space and resiliency projects in South Jersey. This funding is provided as part of Atlantic City Electric's Sustainable Communities Grant program, which was launched earlier this year to support open space preservation, improvements to parks and recreation resources, environmental conservation and innovative community resiliency projects. 

"We have a strong commitment to protecting and preserving the environment in the communities we serve. Through our new Sustainable Communities Grant Program, we are helping our communities conserve critical open space, support recreational opportunities and build resilience in the face of a changing climate," said Melissa Lavinson, senior vice president of Governmental and External Affairs for Pepco Holdings. "I commend our community partners and our local leaders for their commitment to sustainability and for the innovative ideas and projects that we are so proud to support. Because, we know that healthy environments equal healthy communities"

"Sustainable Jersey values our partnership with Atlantic City Electric," said Randall Solomon, executive director of Sustainable Jersey. "These grants will encourage municipalities to complete important environmental stewardship and resiliency projects that will make our communities better. Funding sustainability initiatives at the local level will have a ripple effect that will benefit us all." 

Atlantic City Electric's Sustainable Communities Grant Program will provide up to $75,000 in grants annually to fund open space and environmental projects and resiliency projects across the company's South Jersey service area. The program will provide grants of up to $10,000 each to municipalities for projects focusing on open space preservation, improvements to parks and recreation resources, and environmental conservation. The company also will provide grants of up to $25,000 to support resiliency projects.

In partnership with Sustainable Jersey, an organization that researches best practices for what communities could and should do to contribute to a sustainable future, Atlantic City Electric is providing grants to the following municipalities:

  • Cape May City ($10,000) - The grant will be used for conducting a study around Cape Island Creek to identify the causes of nuisance flooding and develop a citizen early warning system in order to reduce property loss.
  • Egg Harbor City ($10,000) - The grant will be used for repairs needed at Lake Dam including replacing missing fence along the secondary spillway, repairing a tilted pedestrian bridge railing at primary spillway, and repairing abutment walls including removing and replacing fractured concrete at ends of spillway.
  • Hamilton Township ($10,000) - The grant will be used for incorporating green infrastructure to address stormwater issues and enhance emergency management related to flooding events.
  • Medford Township ($10,000) - The grant will be used for creating an intelligent weather station for monitoring, modeling and visualization in order to enable timely preparation and implementation of emergency plans.
  • Clementon Borough ($5,000) - The grant will be used for reinventing Clementon's Open Space and Recreation Plan to ensure the preservation of natural spaces including the community's lakes and almost 200 acres of dedicated open space.
  • Downe Township ($5,000) - The grant will be used for making Raybins Beach, a currently untamed coastal wilderness ecosystem, accessible to residents and visitors.
  • Hammonton Township ($5,000) - The grant will be used for planning responsible development and preservation of open space by updating Hammonton's Open Space and Recreation Plan.
  • Middle Township ($5,000) - The grant will be used for updating Middle Township's Open Space and Recreational Plan, which will promote responsible public recreation, preserve and enhance historic and cultural resources, conserve land for wildlife, enhance water quality, protect open space lands and promote health and wellness in the community.
  • Salem City ($5,000) - The grant will be used for redeveloping Salem's West Playground, making the park a safe place where children can play and be active.
  • Waterford Township ($5,000) - The grant will be used to build a bike path between two of the Township's primary recreational facilities and two schools, lessening the dependence on motor vehicles and acting as a safe route for kids to take to schools.
  • Wenonah Borough ($5,000) - The grant will be used for repairing and renovating the Clay Hill trails of the Wenonah Conservation Area that supports residents, school students and visitors throughout the county for hiking and learning.

Municipalities in the Atlantic City Electric service area can apply for a Sustainable Communities grant each year. A committee with representatives from Atlantic City Electric and Sustainable Jersey reviews each application and selects the projects to receive funding. 

Interested organizations can learn more about the Sustainable Communities Grant Program and how to submit a grant request at

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