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Atlantic City Electric Ready for Potential Severe Thunderstorms

MAYS LANDING, N.J. (June 11, 2016) - Severe thunderstorms have impacted the Atlantic City Electric (ACE) service territory over the past week resulting in service interruptions for thousands of customers in the most impacted areas. We are closely monitoring a forecast that calls for the chance of severe thunderstorms moving through the region this afternoon and into tonight that will include heavy rain, high winds and lightning.

While Atlantic City Electric is prepared for the storms, the company also reminds customers to be ready for the possibility of outages.

Atlantic City Electric will work around the clock to restore any power outages that may occur. In addition to internal crews, ACE has overhead line contractors available if needed. Restoration will not begin until it is safe for crews to perform work. When winds exceed 35 mph, work from bucket trucks is suspended until it is safe for crews to continue.

Atlantic City Electric encourages customers to have an emergency kit, including a flashlight, battery-powered clock and radio, extra batteries, non-perishable food, manual can opener, bottled water and a list of important phone numbers. All items can be placed into a large cooler which can be used at home and is easy to grab if a person has to leave home quickly.

If a personal generator is needed, never use indoors or inside an attached garage. A portable generator is an internal combustion engine that exhausts a deadly gas called carbon monoxide or CO. Also, do not connect a generator directly to the home's wiring. If a generator is plugged into the electrical circuits of a home, power can back-feed into the utility company lines which can injure or kill utility workers fixing downed power lines. It also can cause downed lines to re-energize.  

Customers are asked to please report any outages and to stay away from any downed wires.? To report outages and/or downed wires, please call 1-800-833-7476, follow the prompts, and please ask for a call back to confirm that power has been restored. Outages also may be reported through or through or the company's mobile app.

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