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Atlantic City Electric Announces Planned Power Outage in Avalon

Atlantic City Electric will begin a major infrastructure project this week that includes the demolition of the Peermont Substation located between 60th and 61st streets in the Borough of Avalon. For the demolition, Atlantic City Electric is required to de-energize the existing substation followed by transferring electricity from the mainland to temporarily provide power to customers in Avalon while a new substation is being constructed.

This process will require a planned power outage for a portion of Avalon to allow the company to safely perform this procedure. The brief outage is scheduled to occur around 4 p.m. today. The power outage will largely affect residential and commercial properties north of the substation on North 61st Street. The outage is expected to last approximately 20 minutes or less. Customers are also being notified via reverse 911.

Atlantic City Electric will be in communication with the borough and law enforcement officials for the duration of the demolition process and the project overall. The new substation as well all other work associated with this project is expected to complete by May 2016.

The rebuild of the Peermont Substation to upgrade its voltage capacity is necessary to avoid equipment overloads expected during the summer of 2016 and to further improve service reliability.

Atlantic City Electric will also upgrade the voltage capacity of the existing transmission lines. This construction will be in accordance with new standard steel pole designs required across the Atlantic City Electric service territory.

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