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Atlantic City Electric Restores Power to All Customers Affected by Hurricane Sandy Who Can Safely Accept Electric Service

<p align="center"><strong><i>Utility Thanks Customers for Their Patience </i></strong></p><p><br /><strong>Mays Landing, N.J</strong>. - Atlantic City Electric has restored power to all customers affected by Hurricane Sandy whose premises could safely accept electric service. There are still approximately 5,000 customers, who, because of extensive damage to their homes, cannot accept electric service at this time. Atlantic City Electric will restore electricity to those homes once it is safe to do so. At the height of the storm the utility had about 220,000 customers without power in the utility's service territory. </p><p>"The magnitude of Hurricane Sandy was unprecedented as was Atlantic City Electric's preparation," said Vincent Maione, Region President Atlantic City Electric. "Despite severe flooding that closed roads, hurricane force winds that toppled trees and devastation to parts of our electric system, we were able to restore service to the vast majority of customers who lost power within one week of the onset of the storm." </p><p>Hurricane Sandy proved to be a massive and dangerous storm that left millions of Americans without power and caused extensive damage to homes, businesses and property. In the Southern New Jersey area, residents experienced severe flooding and hurricane force winds that practically changed the landscape of the Jersey shore. In addition to impassable roads due to sand piles, trees, poles and wires down, the Hurricane prompted school and government office closings. </p><p>"I want to thank our customers for their patience and understanding. Also, I want to thank the more than 2,800 employees, contractors and out-of-state mutual assistance personnel for their outstanding work and sacrifice, as well as the emergency management agencies, and government officials for their support," Maione added.</p><p><strong>Preparation</strong></p><p>Atlantic City Electric closely monitored the path of Hurricane Sandy several days in advance of the storm hitting its service territory on Monday, Oct. 29. At the same time, the company began executing the planning and preparation stages of its Incident Response Plan-mobilizing employees, securing utility contractors working on our system, making calls for out-of-state utility assistance, checking material </p><p>inventories, identifying staging areas, reserving hotel rooms for incoming crews, and retaining additional call center support. </p><p>Atlantic City Electric communicated with customers before the storm, including making automated calls to more than 320 customers enrolled in its emergency medical equipment program. The company encouraged the more than 550,000 customers to prepare for Hurricane Sandy and a prolonged restoration period through social media, its website and by making automated calls. In addition, senior executives conducted daily conference calls with government officials to provide updates and address their concerns and those of their constituents. </p><p><strong>Restoration and Response</strong></p><p>Power restoration activities began in full force on Wednesday, October 31 after Hurricane Sandy left the Southern New Jersey area. At the peak of the restoration effort, Atlantic City Electric mobilized more than 2,800 employees, contractors and restoration crews to support response: </p><p>· Nearly 1,300 internal and contract line and underground personnel</p><p>· 538 tree removal personnel</p><p>· About 350 customer call representatives to answer customer calls</p><p>· About 247 assessors to identify storm damage</p><p>· Around 460 support personnel who are working on special storm response roles</p><p>In addition, PHI, Atlantic City Electric's parent company, secured over 2,500 out-of-state restoration personnel acquired through the mutual assistance process.</p><p>To keep customers informed, Atlantic City Electric proactively updated Twitter, Facebook, the mobile outage reporting and tracking app, and the website; issued continual press updates; held frequent press conferences and briefings as well as conducted numerous media interviews. Atlantic City Electric received more than 92,000 customer calls during the storm restoration effort with more than 99 percent of calls being answered in less than 30 seconds .</p><p>Atlantic City Electric personnel staffed the state and local emergency management agencies and emergency operations centers and the company coordinated with fire departments and departments of transportation to address safety hazards and clear roads blocked by trees and downed wires.</p><p>With the completion of restoration of service to customers who could safely accept electric service Atlantic City Electric has released its mutual assistance crews, many of whom will be providing restoration support for utilities in northern New Jersey and New York. </p><p><strong>Contacting Atlantic City Electric</strong></p><p>Although the majority of outages associated with Hurricane Sandy have now been restored, tree limbs and trunks weakened by the storm may continue to fall and cause additional outages. The Atlantic City Electric website currently shows outages that have occurred post Hurricane Sandy. If customers experience an outage , Atlantic City Electric urges customers to report it by calling 1-800-833-7476, visiting or using the mobile app that can be downloaded at , so repair crews can be dispatched quickly to restore service. Customers also may follow the Company on Facebook at <a href=""></a> or on Twitter at @ACElecConnect. </p><p>. <br /></p><p><i># # #</i><br /></p><p><i>Atlantic City Electric, a public utility owned by Pepco Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: POM), provides safe, reliable and affordable regulated electric delivery services to more than 540,000 customers in southern New Jersey. </i><br /></p>
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