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Atlantic City Electric Mobilizes Response to Hurricane Irene

MAYS LANDING, N.J. - Atlantic City Electric has launched its response plan to assess and repair damage caused by Hurricane Irene. Earlier today, assessment crews were permitted access to the barrier islands to identify storm damage across the area. Assessment allows the Company to strategically target power restoration efforts. Communities under mandatory evacuation, including the barrier islands, were expected to sustain severe damage and, as residents in these areas begin returning to their homes and reporting power outages, we expect to see an increase in outage numbers.

"We are still trying to ascertain the extent of damage and outages on the barrier islands," said Atlantic City Electric Region President Vincent Maione. "Our assessment teams are working to identify and prioritize damage so that restoration crews can begin a full-force effort to repair damage and restore power. This work will continue around the clock until power is restored to all our customers."

Damage to the electrical infrastructure has been extensive up and down the East Coast. In Atlantic City Electric's service area, Hurricane Irene delivered heavy rains and severe winds. As of midnight on Saturday, over 140,000 Atlantic City Electric customers had experienced outages. Since that time, Atlantic City Electric has restored service to thousands of those customers, with approximately 110,000 remaining customers without power as additional outages continue to be reported.

During the restoration period, a customer's service may go on and off intermittently. In the wake of the storm, weakened trees can continue to fall and equipment can fail for an extended period of time. A preliminary damage assessment process must be completed before a "global" estimated restoration time can be generated. Atlantic City Electric's "global" estimated restoration time indicates when the last Atlantic City Electric customer is expected to have power restored.

Atlantic City Electric Emphasizes Importance of Safety

Safety is paramount for Atlantic City Electric's customers and employees. As the skies clear, the company urges the public to stay alert, as conditions will remain hazardous. It is critical to stay clear of downed wires and report them by calling 1-800-833-7476 and following the voice prompts. Other important safety recommendations include:

  • If you use life-support equipment that requires electricity to operate and you have lost power, Atlantic City Electric urges you to seek alternative accommodation at a location with emergency power capabilities or a hospital, as restoration will be a multi-day event.
  • If you are using a portable generator, follow the manufacturer's instructions and use only when necessary. Don't overload it and be sure to turn it off at night, while you sleep and when you are away from home.
  • Operate a portable generator in a well-ventilated area. Never run it inside, even in your garage, to avoid the potential hazard of carbon monoxide. Do not connect the generator directly into your home's main fuse box or circuit panel.
  • Protect food and refrigerated medicine with regular ice in an insulated cooler. Foods will stay frozen for 36 to 48 hours in a fully loaded freezer if the door remains closed, and a half-full freezer will generally keep food frozen for up to 24 hours.

Visit for safety tips and follow the advice of your local emergency management officials.

Customers Asked To Report Power Outages

Customers' reports are vital to Atlantic City Electric's restoration efforts. Customers are asked to report outages at or by calling 1-800-833-7476. If reporting an emergency or another life-threatening situation such as downed wires, customers are asked to please call 1-800-833-7476. Multiple call center sites have been staffed to support customer service efforts and our systems have been networked together for expanded capacity.

Atlantic City Electric also recommends, when reporting an outage, customers request a call back. Call backs allow Atlantic City Electric to notify customers who have relocated when work in their area is complete. Call backs also help Atlantic City Electric locate outages that may be specific to customers' homes.


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