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Atlantic City Electric Says the Choice Is Yours

Utility Recommends Getting the Basics Before Choosing

MAYS LANDING, N.J. - The restructuring of the electric utility industry allows you to select the electricity supplier that fits your needs. Under New Jersey's energy deregulation law, the supply portion of your electric bill is separated from the delivery portion. With the supply portion open to competition, customers can shop around for the best price on their electric supply.

If you don't choose a supplier, Atlantic City Electric buys electricity for you and charges you according to rates approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU). This is called "Basic Generation Service" (BGS), and the cost for this appears under the "Supply Charges" in the Electric Delivery Charges portion of your bill.

"Supply" refers to the actual generation of electricity, and "delivery" is the process of getting that electricity to the customer. Purchasing your electricity from a company other than Atlantic City Electric is purely an economic decision; it has no impact on the reliability or safety of your service. Regardless of where the supply is purchased, Atlantic City Electric will continue, through its wires and poles, to deliver electricity to all customers and respond to emergencies. Listed below are four basic steps to follow when considering another supplier:

Step 1. Start by getting answers from the supplier to the following questions:

  • What is my exact price per kilowatt-hour for electricity?
  • Are there any other fees I will be charged that are not included in this price?
  • What are the terms and conditions of the agreement?
  • What information do I have to provide to be enrolled?
  • What are the cancellation terms?
  • Are there fees if I cancel my agreement before it expires?
  • What is the length of the agreement, and what happens once it expires?
  • Are there restrictions on the amount of electricity I can use? If so, what are they and how are they implemented?
  • How is the electricity generated, i.e. nuclear, solar, etc.?

Step 2. Compare Prices.

The BPU requires every Electric Distribution Company, including Atlantic City Electric, to clearly identify its price to generate electricity. This is known as the "Price to Compare." Go to to compare Atlantic City Electric's "Price to Compare" with the prices of other suppliers and select the best value.

Step 3. Calculate Your Savings.

To calculate your savings, determine the difference between Atlantic City Electric's "Price to Compare" and the price of other Electric Generation Suppliers participating in the NJ Energy Choice Program simply by subtracting one from the other. If the supplier's price is less than the "Price to Compare," you'll save money. Multiply that difference by your average monthly kilowatt-hour usage to determine your average monthly savings.

Step 4. Make Your Choice.

If you choose a new supplier, making the change is easy. Send a completed agreement to the supplier you have selected. It is then up to your new supplier and Atlantic City Electric to make the switch. That supplier may allow you to receive one bill from Atlantic City Electric that includes your supply charges. Or, you may receive two separate bills each month, one from your electric supplier for the supply charges and one from Atlantic City Electric for your delivery charges. Under the "Billing Summary" section, the total amount due to Atlantic City Electric and your new supplier will be listed. You should pay the bill with one check to Atlantic City Electric and we'll transfer the appropriate amount to your supplier each month.

Under the "Electric Delivery Charges" section, your supply charges will appear under "Electric Supply Summary." This will include information your supplier has provided us, including their company name, phone number, payments, charges and their messages.

Whether you choose to stay with us or choose a new supplier, Atlantic City Electric will continue to provide reliable energy service.

For more details, visit the State of New Jersey Board of Public Utilities' website at


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