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Restricted Circuit Map

​​​​​​​​​We support renewable energy and partner with our customers to ensure safe and reliable interconnection of renewable energy into the electric grid.

In some regions, we may not have an open circuit at your location, making additional interconnections unavailable. The map linked below​ shows general areas where circuits are restricted. ​Click Here to access a searchable version; type an address into the search box to locate a specific location. If the address in which you are interested falls within a restricted area, you may contact the GPC Team for more details. Projects larger than the listed restriction may be approved following significant system upgrades, which would be at the developer's or customer's expense. 

Current Circuit Map Disclaimer

The technological, legal, and regulatory considerations that apply to interconnection of solar generation and other distributed energy resources are complex and constantly evolving. To the best of Pepco Holdings' knowledge, the information presented on this map was accurate in all material respects as of September 2018.  However, Pepco Holdings, Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power, Pepco, and their affiliates cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information found on this map. Please seek appropriate technical, operational, financial, and legal advice before proceeding. 

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