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Required Information & Scheduling

To expedite your request(s), it is helpful if you have some required information before you get started. Please review the information below to be prepared.

General Information

  • Address of project
  • Customer name, mailing address, phone, fax and e-mail
  • Tax ID number, social security number or other form of positive identification
  • Electrician, contractors or owner contact information
  • Service characteristics (such as multi-unit building, upgrade, revision, etc)
  • Date service is needed
  • Permit number
  • Additional Information for Specific Requests

  • Set of preliminary plans
  • Number of lots, total number of units/buildings
  • Type of units (custom, townhouse, tract, condo, apartment or other)
  • Street light requirements
  • Fuel choice
  • Information About Scheduling Services

    Several variables affect the scheduling of Atlantic City Electric's workforce to construct your electric service. Please review the material below to understand the responsibilities and process.

    Customer Readiness

    It is the customer's responsibility to complete the job requirement prior to Atlantic City Electric starting the project.

    Examples of requirements include:

    • Approved inspections
    • Site readiness
    • Contracts signed and payment received
    • Ground within final grade
    • Paved roadways

    Contractor Lead Times

    Lead times for residential and commercial job types will vary based on the scope of work associated with your service construction project. Atlantic City Electric will review the scope of work and will establish the amount of time needed for completion. Customer need dates that do not meet the lead time requirements will be evaluated by New Business to determine if accommodations can be made.

    The need date for a customer's request is the date that the customer requires Atlantic City Electric services to be complete, including energized and meter set. The need date is NOT the schedule date. Atlantic City Electric will schedule your project to begin in time to allow for the scope of the project to be completed by your need date, assuming that the appropriate lead time has been provided.

    Customer need dates are determined using the following major factors:

    • Customer's readiness
    • Scope of work
    • Lead time provided by contractor
    • Work management schedule availability
    • Customer's obligations

    Project Management Activities

    Time is required after receiving your application to process the request. This time is required for project management activities such as site meetings, estimate, contracts, design, permitting, and easements prior to scheduling. When evaluating the lead time to meet your need date, please factor in the project management activities and scheduling activities to ensure Atlantic City Electric can support your need date.

    Scheduling Process

    Ongoing communication with your New Business representative will ensure a smooth process from start to finish. The scheduling process includes the following activities:

    • Customer ensures that customer responsibilities are met (Customer readiness)
    • Customer submits an application
    • Atlantic City Electric reviews the application, scope of work and need date
    • Atlantic City Electric provides a confirmation card containing contact information and a unique identification number; the Atlantic City Electric representative assigned will be the single point of contact for all design, planning, scheduling and coordination required for the project
    • Atlantic City Electric determines the lead time needed to complete the request (lead times for both construction and project management activities)
    • Assuming that sufficient lead time has been allowed for needed Atlantic City Electric activities and that there is worker availability, Atlantic City Electric schedules the timeframe for work to be completed
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