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Make Work Site Safe

​We want our customers and partners to stay safe. Please remember to call the local office to coordinate any projects involving poles and wires.  

To find your local engineering office, use the Local Office Lookup tool.

Overhead​ Wires

We want our customers and partners to stay safe, and we ask that you be careful around electrical wires because they can cause serious injuries or even death. Please do not assume that wires and cables are insulated and harmless.


The Federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulates how close work crews who are unqualified to work on electric lines can be to electrical wires. Many states have High Voltage Acts that define clearances between energized electrical wires and personnel or work equipment. 


Let us know when any work activity is near overhead lines or when an excavation is involved. Many situations are unique and must be handled individually. Please contact us at the numbers above to ensure you have covered any related costs and the development of your project goes smoothly.

Underground​ Facilities

Contact New Jersey One Call by phone (dial 811) to locate underground facilities. We want to help you abide by the law and avoid incurring a fine for not having underground structures marked, which can lead to damaging them when excavating.  

Downed​ Wires

Downed wires are particularly dangerous because our customers often assume they are not live. Call the emergency service number, 1-800-833-7476 to report downed lines, including burning wires. Call 911 only if there is an associated emergency such as a fire, or automobile accident. 


For us to deliver reliable electric service, trees should be planted a safe distance from our power lines because many power outages are caused when tree branches fall onto power lines.

Our tree management program includes pruning, storm hardening, and other maintenance issues. The work our licensed, professional foresters and contract tree pruning experts do is for public safety and the safety and health of the trees. 

Foreign Atta​chments

Please do not attach anything to our poles without our prior approval. The attachment of items such as antennas or signs to our poles, wires or facilities is not allowed. We can remove any attachment without notice. 

Antennas on high support structures may be damaged due high winds and lightning. Accidents can be prevented if experienced installers use correct materials, and follow installation recommendations from manufacturers, building codes and National Electric Safety Codes.

Pools and B​uildings

Pools and related structures should not be built near any electrical wires or cables. Please contact us at your local Atlantic City Electric engineering office, using the Local Office Lookup​ tool, during the planning stages so we can evaluate the location of electrical wires or cables at these structures.

Meter Sockets, Panels and Service Equipment

Before you order circuit breakers and other service equipment, it is important to know the available fault current at a site. Our local engineering office can supply fault currents upon request. To keep your property safe, please do not use sizing fuses or circuit breakers larger than National Electrical Code guidelines. View a list of approved products.​​​​​​​​

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