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Lighting Solutions

​Atlantic City Electric provides a number of options to help you meet your outdoor lighting needs. We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting services—from planning to installation to ongoing maintenance. Choose the specific services you need for your next project. Call us today at 800-642-3780 for more information.

Outdoor Lighting Services

Through our outdoor lighting services, we will install, own and maintain your lighting system, as well as supply the energy. We can work with you from the initial planning stages of a lighting project through to completion and maintenance.

Covering nearly every aspect of a lighting project, our outdoor lighting services can include:

  • Supply of poles, fixtures, lights, photo controls, and associated wiring
  • Ongoing maintenance of the lighting system, including light replacement and/or equipment replacement due to accidents or storms
  • Energy to power the lighting system

Visit our Electric Service Rates and Tariffs page and click New Jersey Tariff Section IV for more information on rates and offerings.

Smart Street Lighting and Smart City Technology

Across Atlantic City Electric, we are constantly evaluating the new technologies, products, and services that will transform the future energy experience for customers. As part of these offerings, we can help your community explore ways to modernize its local street lighting system. Call us today at 800-642-3780 for more information.

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