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Lighting Products

Lighting Products

Encompassing a variety of styles and functions to meet a range of community lighting applications, our decorative and traditional lighting products add charm and beauty to the important function of outdoor lighting. All fixtures and poles have been thoroughly evaluated and meet specific standards prior to being used as part of our lighting program.


LED Lighting

LED lighting options offer enhanced reliability and durability, providing a cost-effective approach to community lighting through a brighter display that uses less energy. In fact, LEDs can reduce energy consumption for street lighting by around 40-50 percent. They are great investments for communities looking for lighting options to help promote sustainability, lower energy costs and reduce their carbon footprints.


Decorative Styles

Note, appearance of lighting fixtures may differ from pictures below based on specifications selected.  


An appealing design that merges a pleasing, unique appearance with optimal efficiency. It provides soft, controlled, and unobtrusive illumination that enhances visibility and safety in a wide range of environments.

Applications: Resort areas, neighborhoods, walkways, plazas

Tariff Service Classification: Post Top

colonial.jpg Colonial (or Traditionaire)

A proven favorite for adding a touch of style to meet virtually any lighting need. Reminiscent of the lanterns of colonial New England, this four-sided light's clean lines are complemented by its softly curved chimney. Its visual appeal is combined with energy efficiency for maximum lighting benefit.

Applications: Walkways, streets, parking areas, open space

Tariff Service Classification: Colonial Post Top


A classic, elegant appearance styled to replicate the teardrop luminaires that illuminated boulevards during the first half of the 20th century.  

Applications: Walkways, streets, campuses, plazas, historic districts, village squares, residential areas, parks

Tariff Service Classification: Tear Drop 

Traditional Styles

Note, appearance of lighting fixtures may differ from pictures below based on specifications selected.


The Cobra continues to be the first choice for many municipal and residential applications. Its height and horizontal reach target light precisely where needed. Selection from a wide range of available wattages ensures the ability to meet the specific lighting requirements of any number of projects.

Applications: Streets, neighborhoods, highways, schools, parking lots, open areas, commercial driveways

Tariff Service Classification: Cobra Head


Focuses a controlled beam of light directly where needed or desired, whether to spotlight a designated area or silhouette an architectural feature.

Applications: Industrial sites, billboards storage yards, parking lots, car dealerships, perimeter lighting

Tariff Service Classification: Flood

closein.jpgClose-In and Off-Set (or Mongoose)

Provides optimal lighting control in a sleek, compact design. It is ideal for applications where poles cannot be in the roadway "Clear Zone" or if pole setback from the roadway is greater than 12 feet.

Applications: Streets, highways, parking lots, open areas, commercial driveways, industrial sites


Blends modern flair with optimal functionality, making it highly suitable as a lighting solution for any number of applications.

Applications: Streets, highways, parking lots, retail centers, open areas, neighborhoods, commercial driveways, industrial sites

Tariff Service Classification: Shoe Box

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