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Equipment Responsibility

​​When service damage occurs, it's important to understand who is responsible for the repair. Distinguish between areas owned by Atlantic City Electric and areas owned by the customer.

Elec​tric Equipment​

Items #2 and #3 are not applicable to underground installations. 

  1. Atlantic City Electric - Electrical Service Wire coming from Atlantic City Electric’s system (overhead or underground)
  2. Customer - Attachment (the point where Atlantic City Electric equipment attaches to customer property)
  3. Customer - Weather Head and wire drip loop (the weather resistant entry point for customer wires going to the meter box)
  4. Customer - Riser/Raceway (the conduit that physically protects wires going to the meter box)
  5. Customer - Meter Enclosure/Box (contains and safely secures the electric meter)
  6. Atlantic City Electric - Meter (measures the amount of electricity used by the customer.

Residential Overhead Services

Atlantic City Electric will reinstall the customer's overhead service drop to the original point of attachment of the building. The customer is responsible for any repair to their service entrance cable(Line side and load side)

Residential Underground Services

  • After repair work on underground cables is completed, Atlantic City Electric will back-fill the trench to the original grade.
  • If the customer caused the damage, the customer is responsible for the costs to repair the cable, for reseeding or re-sodding the area, and for replacing any structures, fences, patios associated with the damage.
  • If Atlantic City Electric is responsible for the repair (breakdown in cable, etc.), Atlantic City Electric will reseed or resod the affected lawn or yard area back to its original condition.
  • Easements must be kept clear of trees, bushes, structures, fences, patios, etc. The restoration of power and repair of cable can be delayed if Atlantic City Electric cannot safely access its facilities​

Report Meter Damage

Business and homeowners are encouraged to conduct a damage assessment of their facilities following a severe storm such as a hurricane. In many cases, there may be damage to your electric equipment that must be repaired before electric service can be restored to your property. While we are responsible for the service line that comes into your home or business and the electric meter, there are other components that are the responsibility of the property owner. If any of these components are damaged, we will not be able to restore electric service to your property. 

The property owner is responsible for the following components:

  • Weatherhead
  • Attachment hardware
  • Riser
  • Meter box

Overhead Service

If you have overhead service, check the weatherhead and riser for damage.  This is the upside-down J-shaped metal cap and the pipe that runs down to your electric meter where the power lines connect to your home or business.  If it appears bent or loose, have a licensed electrician make a closer inspection and repair it if necessary.  Check the meter box, too, and if it is pulled away from the building have your electrician re-attach the box.  If there is damage to the meter, we will repair or replace it.  Your electrician can advise you if a permit or inspection is required.

Underground Service

If you have underground service, check the riser (the pipe that extends below the meter into the ground,) as well as the meter box itself.  If you see any damage, contact your electrician to inspect the items and make repairs if necessary.

We are responsible for the following components:

  • Service line - overhead or underground
  • Electric meter

If any of these components are damaged, please call 1-800-642-3780.


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