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Large Customer Services

Large Customer Services

We are a dedicated team of account managers working with large commercial and industrial customers. Our team aims to deliver a premiere experience through industry expertise and enhanced concierge services.

A New Way to Manage Energy Use

Business Energy Manager is our secure, easy-to-use tool that brings commercial and industrial customers real-time insights for reducing operating costs.

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News & Events

Vehicle Electrification Roadmap

Find your route to success. Our electrication roadmap has everything you need to know to support your fleet electrification in easy-to-follow steps.

Climate Solutions Plan

We are powering a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities. Learn what Atlantic City Electric is doing to combat climate change and build resilience.

Business Focus Newsletter

Check out our latest Large Customer Services quarterly newsletter and stay up to date with the​ latest news from Atlantic City Electric.

Energy Management

Beneficial Electrification

Efficient, Clean Energy

We are building on the strength and reliability of our smart grid to drive innovation, power new clean technologies and build a better environment for future generations. Explore electrotechnologies that can lower energy consumption, reduce carbon footprints and improve business performance.

Sustainability & Renewables

Responsible Choices

Savings and efficiency are not just about reduced kWh. They include our impact on our communities and on the environment. We’re committed to advancing low-carbon choices, to improving technologies, and to providing your business with opportunities that can make a difference.

Usage Management

Smarter Energy

Make your energy work smarter by managing your use and costs with FREE online tools and demand response rewards. Implement changes and track your success.


Dedicated Team

We are committed to providing our customers with the expertise, tools and resources they need to manage their energy needs and take advantage of a wide variety of energy-saving programs. We are here to help.

For more information, please contact your account manager directly.

Outage Management: For Emergencies Call 1-800-833-7476

Account Management, Billing & Payment

My Account

Account Access at Your Fingertips

Use your online account to manage your Atlantic City Electric service and billing options, and get access to usage information and comparison tools.

Property Management

Ensure Uninterrupted Service

Landlords and property managers can establish agreements with Atlantic City Electric that provide uninterrupted service between tenants by automatically placing billing in your name after a tenant leaves a premise.

Supplier Choice

Supplier Choice Benefits the Economy

All commercial and industrial businesses in Atlantic City Electric's service territory may select an electricity provider of their choice, providing businesses with competitive supply options. Atlantic City Electric continues to safely and reliably deliver electricity regardless of energy supplier.

Economic Development, Construction & Remodeling

Growing Value

Find your next location, submit your service requests and view real-time project status.

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