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Builders & Contractors

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Atlantic City Electric works in partnership with the construction industry, including architects, builders and engineers. In meeting the needs of the​​ir clients and projects, we provide information, online forms, resources and guidelines. We are committed to assisting you throughout your next project.

Service Requests

Apply for service installations or changes using our online applications and checklists. Find applications or service request details in the Construction & Remodeling section of My Service.


It is extremely important to practice safety when working near overhead and underground equipment. Review our Construction Safety guides, Call 811 Before You Dig to have underground utilities marked, and submit your Make Work Site Safe request.

Energy Efficiency Incentives

​Atlantic City Electric relies on trade professionals, including contractors and home builders, to help raise awareness of energy efficiency offerings. These professionals are referred to as Trade Allies. Tr​​ade Allies work with homeowners to identify and implement energy efficiency improvements and apply for available rebates. View benefits and apply.

Additional Information

Gather required information ahead of time to help expedite your request, and review available documents and guides to ensure your project meets all requirements.

We’re Here to Help

Reach out to a service representative in your areas with any questions or for assistance with your request.

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Regional Contacts

For new business, please view our Regional Contacts.

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