• Orchard To Lewis Transmission Reliability Projects

  • Welcome to the home page of Atlantic City Electric’s Orchard to Lewis Transmission Reliability Projects. Our goal is to provide you with the most current information related to this family of transmission upgrades, as well as to provide avenues for public questions and comments. Feel free to contact us online  or call us toll free at 855-839-1444. Please visit this site regularly as we will continue to make updates as information is available. Follow these quick links for specific information about your county. To read the Atlantic City Electric petition to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, click here.


    The Orchard to Lewis Transmission Reliability Projects consists of several substantial transmission system upgrades that traverse five counties and 13 municipalities in the Atlantic City Electric service territory. The lines and equipment the company is upgrading play a critical role in addressing aging infrastructure, meeting demand for electricity and maintaining system reliability. The transmission system is responsible for moving power from generating stations to the facilities that deliver power to customers. The current infrastructure is approximately 80 years old.

    The majority of the work will take place in the existing transmission right of way from the Orchard Substation in Upper Pittsgrove Township, Salem County to Lewis Substation in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County. This right of way is approximately 41 miles long. 

    The projects, expected to be completed by May of 2019, include upgrades to existing transmission lines and substations. In other words, the construction of this infrastructure will take place within existing right of ways and property lines, making improvements to a system that is already in place.

    For more information about how the project may impact your area of interest, click on the County links above.