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  • We support renewable energy and partner with our customers to ensure safe and reliable interconnection of renewable energy into the electric grid.

    Atlantic City Electric is pleased to offer a brand new online interconnection application system to customers as of March 2016. The benefits of applying online are many:

    • Intuitive and interactive process steps you through the application
    • Many pull-down lists and field validations for easy input
    • Ask our experts questions while you are in the portal
    • Online signature feature eliminates the need for physical signatures
    • Upload attachments online – no need to email or snail-mail supporting documents
    • Automation quickly moves the application along to the next step in the process
    • Monitor your application’s near-real-time status 24/7 through a detailed, personalized dashboard

    Other features will be added in a few months as we continue to enhance the application process, including:

    • Automated data fill and additional validation
    • Online payments  [meanwhile, you can continue to pay the NEM application fee through Speedpay or by mailing in a check with your invoice]
    • Other customer-usability features

    The general online application submission process is:

    • Contractor logs in to the online application portal
    • Contractor completes the online application and uploads supporting documentations, then submits
    • Atlantic City Electric sends customer an email advising the application is ready for the customer’s online review and approval
    • Following the link in the email, customer logs in to Atlantic City Electric’s My Account page
    • Customer clicks on the “Requested Work” icon in the upper left box
    • Customer reviews the application, agrees to the Terms and Conditions and the application, and submits
    • The system calculates and sends contractor an invoice for the application fee
    • The application proceeds through the approval steps.  Customer and contractor can log in and monitor the progress through their personalized NEM Dashboard, 24/7
    • Contractor installs the system
    • Contractor logs in and completes Application Part 2
    • Customer logs in to My Account and approves Application Part 2
    • Atlantic City Electric completes the final process steps and sends customer and contractor an Authorization to Operate

    If you have questions about your application, you can ask them at any time directly in the portal by clicking on the question mark icon in the left navigation.

    Currently, the online application is designed for use by desktop computers and tablets using Chrome; Firefox; Safari; Internet Explorer 10, 11, and Edge; Apple Tablet and Android Tablet (native browsers).  You can download most of these browsers through Atlantic City Electric’s website.  Other browsers and smart phone optimization will be added in the future.  Customers without one of the recommended browsers should submit a paper application.

    Ready to begin? Have handy the customer’s recent Atlantic City Electric bill, proposed renewable generation system manufacturer’s specifications sheet, and electronic files of the proposed system’s single-line drawing and site plan.  Then access the online application portal.