• Reporting Outages

  • There are several ways you can report outages and get information.


    • Call 1-800-833-7476 any time to report your outage. Please request a call-back so we can verify if individual or small groups of outages still exist.


    Mobile Device

    • Our free app lets you report an outage, access outage maps of your area, setup alerts, call us directly and get estimates for when power will be restored – all on your smartphone or tablet. Visit your app store to download our mobile app.

    Wires Down

    • Call 1-800-833-7476 and follow the prompts or TTY 1-800-898-8056 any time.

    Customers' Reports Are Vital to Our Restoration Efforts
    Our outage management system analyzes your outage report, as well as other customers' reports, to predict what lines and equipment may be out of service. This analysis helps our crews find the location of the outages and restore power more quickly and safely.