• Energy Efficiency Programs

  • Atlantic City Electric is actively committed to helping our southern New Jersey customers conserve energy and choose energy-efficient products. Along with other New Jersey electric utilities, we are participating in a variety of state and regional programs that make it easy to improve energy efficiency and save money on utility bills, while increasing the comfort of your home. Best of all, by conserving energy through the use of energy-efficient products, you'll help protect our environment - and you'll receive rewards for doing so, including rebates to offset some of the costs of purchasing these products.

    The New Jersey Clean Energy Program is administered by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Office of Clean Energy and is a statewide program offering customers the opportunity to generate a portion of their electricity with clean energy generation systems. These systems help reduce pollution, save natural resources and protect the environment.

    To learn more about New Jersey's energy efficiency and clean energy programs, visit www.njcleanenergy.com.

    To learn more about New Jersey's new simple way to support clean renewable sources of energy, visit www.njcleanpower.com.

    Find Out Why Your Bill Went Up or Down & Conduct an Energy Audit

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    Energy Profiler Online

    Information is the key to managing your energy costs today. So Atlantic City Electric is pleased to introduce an Internet-based tool that can help you make powerful energy management decisions. Energy Profiler Online puts your electric interval meter data at your fingertips.