• Safety, Security and Lighting Services

  • Atlantic City Electric offers a wide range of outdoor lighting services— from planning to installation to ongoing maintenance. Choose the specific services you need for your next project.

    Unmetered Leased Lighting

    Tariff services for street, highway, roadway and area lighting detail what we can provide for outdoor lighting. To view our New Jersey tariff services, please download this document:

    Full Service Outdoor Lighting

    Our most comprehensive outdoor lighting service option is also our most requested. We can work with you from the initial planning stages of a lighting project through to completion and maintenance. Our people are ready to help you with product selection, electric planning and coordination of the lighting system installation.

    Covering nearly every aspect of a lighting project, this full-service outdoor lighting also includes:

    • Supply of poles, fixtures, lamps, photo controls and associated wiring
    • Ongoing maintenance of the lighting system, including lamp replacement and/or equipment replacement due to accidents or storms
    • Energy to power the lighting system


    Encompassing a variety of styles and function to meet a range of community lighting applications, our Traditional and Decorative lighting products add charm and beauty to the important function of outdoor lighting. The combination of style, performance and reliability is a trademark of our entire product line.

    Decorative Styles

    Granville Combines the aesthetic appeal of early 20th century acorn lights with advanced optics for superior performance.
    Granville With Ribs Adds stylized features to the Granville’s old world elegance, enhancing the ambience of avenues, walkways or plazas.
    Arlington Blends graceful octagonal symmetry with sleek design for parks, streets and open areas.

    Traditional Styles

    Clearwater Attractive new design with soft, unobtrusive illumination - appealing for many types of environments.

    Cobra Efficiency and versatility for numerous applications, especially roadways and area lighting.

    Floodlight Focuses a controlled beam of light to silhouette architectural features or spotlight a designated area.

    Mongoose Optimal light control in a sleek, compact design - ideal for offset roadway, roadway and area lighting.

    Shoebox Modern flair blended with optimal functionality - highly suited for parking areas and streets.

    Traditionaire Bringing a touch of elegance to any walkway, street, parking area or open space.