• Cool Solutions for Energy Bills

    Jul 19, 2007

    Atlantic City Electric’s Web site helps customers learn more
    about saving energy and money

    Mays Landing, N.J.– Cooling homes or businesses through the hot, humid summer months can increase customers’ monthly energy bills, but Atlantic City Electric can help.

    The first step in saving energy and money is to understand how much energy you use, and what it costs you. From there you can take steps to reduce your usage and energy costs.

    A visit to Atlantic City Electric’s Web site, www.atlanticcityelectric.com, will provide customers with the information they need to reduce their energy use. Customers can simply click on “My Account,” answer some basic questions and receive detailed information on their energy costs, including operating costs for appliances and equipment in their homes. “My Account” also provides customers with reasons why their bills may have changed from one month to the next, compares their energy costs to similar households and small businesses in the area and provides sound advice on energy efficiency in order to save on their monthly bills.

    This free Web-based tool enables customers to create their own personal energy profile, based on their home, number of people living in it, the age of their appliances and other information which is used to help determine ways customers can lower their energy costs. Customers simply need to use their 12-digit Atlantic City Electric account number and the name on the account to take advantage of this free on-line tool.

    “Customers will find themselves using this tool over and over as they discover all the information available from the personalized recommendations on energy efficiency to finding ways to better manage their energy budget,” says Donna Mann, Atlantic City Electric Customer Advocate.

    To know more about saving energy, visit www.atlanticcityelectric.com.


    Atlantic City Electric, a public utility owned by Pepco Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: POM), provides safe, reliable and affordable regulated electric delivery services to more than 500,000 customers in southern New Jersey.