• Outage Map Guide

  • Use the following key to navigate our new interactive Outage Map, which provides detailed information about outages in our service territory. The map automatically refreshes with current outage information every 10 minutes.

    Click here to report an outage or get your outage status

    • To get up-to-date outage information for your account click Report Your Outage or Get Your Outage Status.
      Click on the Legend tab to the left of the map to identify the color-coded icons which indicate the number and location of customers currently without power
    • In the Legend tab, you can select Locations to view outages by location, or Areas to view outages by ZIP code.
      Click on Summary to the left of the map and then click "Outages by County" to view a table with county totals for customers affected by an outage.
    • Click the arrows in the upper left corner of the map to navigate, or you can use your mouse by holding the left mouse button to drag the map to the location you desire
    • Click the + and – sign in the upper left corner of the map to zoom in and out or you can double click the left mouse button. You can zoom as close as 1 mile from the location.
    • To find out information about a specific area, place your mouse over the colored outage area or outage triangle. A dialog box will automatically open.
    • A colored polygon may appear around a triangle. The colored polygon is created using the transformer locations to show you the affected outage area. A polygon may not be visible due to the zoom level of the map or if not enough transformers are involved to make a polygon.
    • A stacked triangle denotes that there are multiple outages grouped together at this zoom level. You can zoom in to the 600 yard level to see the individual outages.
    • The "Go To" tab to the lower left of the map allows you to navigate to a specific address or area of your choice using ZIP code or county name.
    • Use the Favorites tab to save a map view for later use.
    • The map will display at the previous session’s zoom level when you return during a new internet session if you have not cleared your cookies.