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Renewable Energy

What is “Renewable Energy”?

Renewable energy comes from sources that are essentially limitless. Some sources of renewable energy include the wind, the sun, flowing water and the heat of the earth. In addition to being plentiful in supply, many forms of renewable energy yield zero greenhouse gasses, and therefore hold promise not only for our energy future but also for preserving the climate.

Our Commitment

Atlantic City Electric is committed to increasing the amount of renewable energy sources used to generate electricity for its customers. Today, that percentage is small due to the lack of available renewable resources. However, we are committed to seeing that percentage grow – up to 20 percent by 2020 in some states. We recognize that renewable energy has the potential to provide us with cleaner air, a more diverse energy portfolio, and less dependence on foreign fossil fuels.

In the near future, through progressive investment in tested and reliable renewable energy solutions, Atlantic City Electric aims to reduce its use of fossil fuels as well as the greenhouse gasses that generating energy from them produces, all while keeping energy affordable and dependable for our customers.