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Energy Saving Programs


At Atlantic City Electric, we’re committed to helping our customers reduce the amount of energy they use day in and day out.

We all contribute to global warming every day. In fact, the average American house releases eight tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Thus, the carbon dioxide you produce by leaving the lights on or running that 20-plus-year-old, inefficient freezer adds up quickly.

Today, we offer My Account, a web-based tool aimed at providing customers with the knowledge they need to save energy and money in their home. And, in the not so distant future, we’ll offer our customers more tools, such as smart meters and smart thermostats, to further help them reduce their energy use so, together, we can make a measurable contribution to the environmental challenges we all face.

To learn more about conserving energy in your home, generating your own power and our other special programs see the links to the left.