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Our Smart Grid Plan


We all contribute to global warming every day. Whether through the generation of the power we use in our homes, or the fuels used in the vehicles we drive, the emissions produced by our energy consumption are changing our planet.

Smart meters and
controls are part of Atlantic City Electric's plan to reduce energy demand and increase efficiency.

The Blueprint for the Future is our plan to help meet the nation's energy and environmental challenges through a combination of energy efficiency programs and new technologies. It charts a course that will transform the way power is delivered, managed and used. New technologies offer customers more control over their energy use and our proposed energy efficiency programs will provide additional choices that help customers manage their energy costs.

The future is not so far off, and Atlantic City Electric is striving to be part of the solution to the challenges we face today. We are working to phase in the installation of "smart meters" that will help customers track and manage their electricity use, we are transforming our fleet to more environmentally friendly technologies, and we are working to develop a smart grid that will improve reliability. By using the latest technology and offering our customers energy efficiency options, we are protecting the environment, enhancing reliability and helping our customers save energy and money.