• Improve Reliability

  • We are upgrading our electric system to make it more reliable, and we’re excited to have our customers start to see the benefits of our hard work.

    Implementing Our Plan

    To improve service, we've implemented changes across our entire system. These are our main areas of focus:

    • Trimming Trees: Trees and limbs that fall on power lines are a direct cause of power outages. In fact, most outages during inclement weather are caused by trees. As part of our accelerated tree-trimming program, we've more than doubled the number of experienced tree trimmers working in the field.
    • Upgrading Priority Feeders: Feeders are power lines that provide service to about 1,100 people within a neighborhood. We are proactively identifying and replacing portions of feeders that no longer perform reliably.
    • Replacing Aging Infrastructure: We continue to replace underground cable in residential developments that for the most part was installed during the 1970's.
    • Installing advanced technology: We are installing advanced controls that allow us to identify outages, automatically isolate nonperforming equipment and re-route power quickly in order to speed restoration.
    • Preparing for System Growth: As communities grow, energy needs grow with them. We are upgrading power lines and equipment to meet our customers’ needs today and in the future.
      Moving Select Power Lines Underground: In some areas, improvements to the traditional overhead system do not meet our goals for reliability. We are identifying these areas and selectively replacing overhead lines with underground systems.

    Improving Your Experience With Us

    In addition to enhancing reliability, we are making upgrades to systems, technology and service that will help us restore power faster and provide enhanced outage information during an emergency.

    • Enhancing Customer Care: We’re adding and re-training customer care representatives because it’s important for you to be able to connect with us when the power is out, and we've prepared for your calls by more than doubling the number of phone lines available.
    • Reaching Out to Our Communities: We’re meeting with community groups and talking with your elected representatives to discuss our progress and explain the improvements we’re making.
    • Improving Maps and Restoration Estimates: We've enhanced the outage map on our website to provide more detailed views of outage situations and improved our methods of providing estimated times of restoration.
    • Improving the Restoration Process: We've implemented a more efficient process to better manage crews, provide more accurate restoration times by area and improve communication with all customers.
    • Enhancing Our Mobile App: We continue to update our free mobile app with interactive outage maps and more accurate restoration estimates, providing a convenient way for you to get more information and reach us in the event of an outage.