• Draftsperson, Drafting and Design Services

    Marcus Fortune spends his days creating and working with maps and mapping technology in the drafting and design department for Atlantic City Electric. These maps are a vital part of the company’s process when it is planning to upgrade or build new substations or power distribution systems.

    Marcus FortuneBefore I joined the company, I didn’t spend much time volunteering. But I am thankful to be working for this company and I wanted to give back to Atlantic City Electric and to the community whenever I can.”

    Photo: Toys for Tots (Marcus Fortune - back row, fifth from the left)

    In the five years he has worked for Atlantic City Electric, he has participated in a number of different volunteer activities including helping Habitat for Humanity build in Atlantic City, playing in the Special Olympics Beach Bump volleyball tournament and most recently helping to clean the beaches at the Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweep.

    “One of the things I enjoy the most about volunteering is helping others understand how meaningful even small undertakings can make. I want to be a role model for my son and show him that even though your work may get overlooked , it’s still important to make the effort to help others and help protect the earth.”

    Marcus is also part of the Volunteer Initiative Program (VIP). The VIP is an internal group devoted to encouraging and recognizing employee participation in various volunteer activities, such as organized fundraising walks, community youth sports leagues and volunteer fire companies. The group is currently working on cataloging all types of volunteerism that employees participate in, whether it’s inside or outside the office, with the goal being to share the word about as many opportunities as possible.

     “I’d like to start getting involved with the walks and the bike rides. It’s really all about giving back and helping to inspire others to do the same. My next goal is to start volunteering inside my own community, probably with my local fire department. I’d also love to start a new event and be a volunteer pioneer within my own town.”

    During the 2013 holiday season alone, Marcus helped out with the 'Toys for Tots' Toy Drive, the Back to School Drives, the Beach Bump Volleyball Tournament and the Food Bank Deliveries.

    Marcus Fortune 2

    Pictured above: Food Bank deliveries (Marcus Fortune - back row, second from the right)