• Charlie Wimberg

  • Region Vice President

    With his career with Atlantic City Electric spanning nearly 30 years, Charlie Wimberg has held many roles within the company including answering customer service phone lines, working directly in the community at one of our local operating centers, and holding roles in Marketing, Information Services and Major Account Services.

    “The path of my career with Atlantic City Electric has given me a very diverse background within the company and really brings to light the importance of focusing on our communities and our customers. The importance of those relationships extends directly into our support of local organizations like the American Red Cross.”


    The relationship between Atlantic City Electric and the Red Cross goes back nearly 100 years. During emergencies like widespread power outages, both are considered first responders and both are focused primarily on the safety of customers. Today, there are seven separate Red Cross chapters that represent the company’s service territory.

    “Over the years, we’ve been involved in many ways with the Red Cross. We’ve provided financial support, participated in and volunteered at their events and held seats on their Boards. But what we’ve found is that building a partnership with them has become even more powerful than just donating money.”

    The relationship has evolved into a true partnership. Atlantic City Electric and the Red Cross join up to participate in storm safety information events, release joint press statements when needed and routinely partner at community events. This strong partnership is never more important than during an emergency, especially when it comes to communicating with customers who have been impacted during a widespread outage.

    “In a situation like Hurricane Sandy when thousands of customers are out of service, they are where we are. Their mission is to help people in need during times of disaster, and our mission is to get service restored safely.”

    Charlie currently serves on the Board of the Southern Shore Chapter of the American Red Cross.

    For more information visit redcross.org

    Pictured above: Charlie (center) also participates with the Special Olympics New Jersey. Here, he drops the puck at the State Floor Hockey Tournament.