• Alita Corbett

  • Atlantic City Electric Customer Advocate

    Alita Corbett began her career with Pepco Holdings, Inc., Atlantic City Electric’s parent company, 21 years ago helping the Washington, D.C. community. Four years ago, she stepped up to fill an opening in the Office of the Customer Advocate to help out customers in New Jersey, fell in love with the state, and has now made it her home.

    Alita Corbett2 Her main role with the Office of the Customer Advocate is to focus on a wide variety of energy and reliability issues with a focus on low income issues and to go out into the community and educate customers about state and federal funds and assistance programs that are available to help with utility bills.

    “Many customers are unaware that there are a number of programs in New Jersey to help them pay their utility bills, even some that don’t require you to qualify as ‘low-income’. Every day we are working to find new ways to help customers learn about these programs. We visit churches, senior centers and attend local conferences to get the message out. We answer questions and concerns, and even help them through the application process.”

    Alita CorbettAlita spends most of her days out in the community, meeting with people and looking for new opportunities to educate customers and organizing and attending low-income energy summits. She also sits on a number of local and national Boards, including the  National Energy and Utility Affordability Coaltion (NEUAC) and the NJ Shares, and speaks each year on Capitol Hill to increase the awareness of the importance of assistance programs.

    “We do everything we can to help get this message out. Sometimes people need help for any number of reasons, and it’s my job to represent the customer inside the company and make sure their voice is heard.”

    Visit our Customer Advocate page to learn more.  

    Pictured above: Alita also participates on local radio to help spread the word about help that is available.