• Traveling Safety Trailer

  • We value the relationships we’ve built with local police, fire and first responders. Throughout the year, we provide first responders with training and education as part of our Emergency Services Partnership Program (ESPP). We use our traveling Safety Trailer to help train our fire and police departments to deal with downed electrical wires and poles. The trailer is also used to demonstrate the dangers of electricity to children.

    In October, volunteer personnel provided a series of interactive electrical safety demonstrations using the company’s safety trailer for about 600 students grades two to eight with the Mullica Township School District. The educational event provided an opportunity for children to learn important electrical safety information and the potential dangers associated with electrical wires and equipment.

    The event was held in conjunction with Mullica Township’s Elwood Volunteer Fire Company Station #160 and National Fire Prevention Week 2015. 

    The Atlantic City Electric Safety Trailer is used throughout the community to educate students, first responders, emergency personnel, among other groups on electrical safety, the dangers associated with working on or around high voltage wires and what can happen if there is contact with an electrical wire without wearing the proper personal protective equipment. The safety trailer includes power lines, poles, transformers, lights as well as metering and other safety equipment.

    Atlantic City Electric lineman Jim Donovan demonstrates what can result if a ladder comes in contact with electrical wires.

    Atlantic City Electric lineman R.J. Barner places gloves worn by lineman on a student with the Mullica Township School District.

    Atlantic City Electric linemen show what can happen if improper gloves come in contact with electrical wires.