• Your Exelon Rate Credit

  • On March 23 our merger with Exelon Corporation was completed, making us a member of the Exelon family of companies. As a result, $62 million in rate credits will be distributed among our residential and commercial customers as part of the Customer Investment Fund provided by Exelon.

    Who is eligible to receive this credit?

    All Atlantic City Electric customers of record with an active account 30 days after the merger are eligible to receive a rate credit. 

    How much is the credit?

    This one-time rate credit of approximately $113.16 is the same for all of our Atlantic City Electric customers. 

    Where can I view my credit?

    You will see this credit listed as an “Exelon Rate Credit” and it will be applied toward your total amount due. 

    When applied, the Exelon Rate Credit will appear in the “Electric Summary” section of customer bills, found on page 2.

    Can I choose to receive this credit as a rebate or a check?

    No, this credit is not available as a rebate or a check.

    If I am enrolled in Budget Billing, will I still receive a credit?

    Yes, Budget Billing customers are also eligible and will see their budget amount reduced by approximately $113.16 for the billing cycle during which the credit is applied.