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Price to Compare (Business)

​​The Price to Compare (“PTC”) is the average cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for supply, based on your rate classification. The PTC is a tool for you to use in comparing Atlantic City Electric’s Basic Generation Service (“BGS”) electric supply rates with offers from competing licensed electric suppliers.

To calculate your potential savings as a consumer in a rate class, determine the difference between our "Price to Compare" and the price of other alternate electricity suppliers participating in the Energy Choice Program by subtracting one from the other. If the supplier’s price is less than the "Price to Compare," you’ll save money. Multiply that difference by your average monthly kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage to determine your average monthly and annual savings.

1. Look at the "Price​ to Compare" chart to determine your correct rate.

​RATE CLASS​09/01/18​​09/08/18​10/01/18
MONTHLY GENERAL SERVICE PRIMARY (MGS-P) 8.78​8.44​8.92​8.80​8.81​8.80​
ANNUAL GENERAL SERVICE SECONDARY (AGS-S)8.07​8.09​8.59​8.51​8.52​8.51​
ANNUAL GENERAL SERVICE PRIMARY (AGS-P) 9.9310.13​10.61​10.56​10.57​10.57​
STREET LIGHTING (SPL/CSL) 4.67​4.67​5.17​5.17​5.17​5.17​

The above prices are rate schedule averages.

2. The follow​ing is an example using the MGS-S rate class.

Atlantic City Electric

"Price to Compare"/kWh                          11.15

Prospective Supplier* Price/kWh         -9.30

Difference/kWh                                        = 1.85 cents/kWh 

Avg. Monthly kWh Usage                    × 750 cents/kWh

Avg. Monthly Savings                              13.38 cents/kWh 


Avg. Annual Savings                           = $166.56

*An example using a fictional price. your savings will differ based on the price of the actual supplier you choose.

3. You can print and use the form below as a calculation worksheet.

Fill in the information on line 1, 2 and 3 to calculate your monthly and annual savings.

1. Atlantic City Electric's Price to Compare kWh              cents/kWh

2. Suppliers Price to Compare kWh                               – cents/kWh

Difference kWh                                                              = cents/kWh

3. Average Monthly kWh Usage                                      × kWh

Average Monthly Savings                                                = $


Average Annual savings                                                  = $​

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